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I was on a webinar recently with the guys from Leadpages where they shared a stack of great tips about creating high converting lead pages. One of them that stood out to me because it was so simple...was getting leads from your 404 page. Let me explain.

Can you get leads from a 404 page?

The 404 error page, or "Not Found" error message, is a response code that basically means the server could not find the page you were looking for on that site. The web site hosting server will typically generate a “404 Not Found” web page when someone tries to follow a broken or dead a 404 error is probably one of the most common errors you'll come across.

Google might show you a message something like this. 404 page

If you have a WordPress blog, it will generate its own 404 page when a visitor requests a page that's not there. Thing is, a real person is eyeballing your page looking for the info he or she was after. Often there's no way to get back to the site they were on, and as a result, they leave.

If you google 404 pages images you'll find heaps of 404 pages that have been created to replace the standard WordPress page, but interestingly, while lots of them are very creative, even funny, they're not taking advantage of the fact your reader could potentially become a lead for your business, by offering them something so they don't leave empty handed.

How To Get Leads From A 404 Page

Creating a custom 404 page used to require heaps of coding skills, and if you're anything like me, I have no idea where to start there. However, thanks to LeadPages, you can now create a custom lead capturing 404 page. I'll briefly run you through how it's done. Start by choosing the 404 template (or any template you choose actually) from the LeadPages template library (looks like this).

404 page

Now it’s just a matter of simply modifying it to our needs. I changed the wording of the 404 message, added a picture from my website, and an image of the eBook I'm giving away.

404 page

LeadPages will integrate with all major email autoresponder services like AWeber. LeadPages can also handle the eBook delivery for me with their Lead Magnet service.

Once someone subscribes to my list, the eBook is automatically delivered to the email address! That makes things really simple! The final step is to log into my WordPress blog, and select the LeadPages WP plugin. Then choose the new page I just created and select it as the 404 page. (see picture below)

404 page

That’s pretty much it. So now when someone enters a wrong URL, or follows a dead link, they will see my custom 404 page offering them my free eBook instead of the standard WordPress 404 page.

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Malcolm is a radio veteran of nearly 20 years turned professional online marketer. Malcolm excels at being able to explain complex things in a simple manner. A coach & trainer for over 15 years, he will help you move forward and have some major breakthroughs with your online business.

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