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One of my own business mentors successful brand expert and online marketer Carolina Millan, is one of MOBE’s Top 10 affiliates. She is a great of example of someone who has put into action, the methods taught in the 21 Step System, which to date has earned her over $600K in commissions and Carolina has become only the second affiliate to earn three free cars from the MOBE Motors program.

Be inspired by her story…watch the video below.





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How has your 2016 been going?

We’re already in the “back straight”, so have you been kicking goals and moving forward, or falling into bad habits and just letting life get in the way.

No need to panic either way…this post will help you.


Jim Rohn has a plethora of success quotes, and this would have to be one of his best!

“Let others lead small lives but not you. Let others argue over small things but not you. Let others cry over small hurts but not you. Let others leave their futures in someone else’s hands but not you” – Jim Rohn

I’m sure you’re interested in becoming a productive entrepreneur who gets paid like a professional right?

Truth is, the solution is so simple, that you might even so “nah” and go looking for something more complicated…we’ve all been guilty of doing that.

What I’m going to show you will help eradicate the classic “struggle words” like confused, overwhelmed, lack of focus that so many home business owners like to default to…and it only takes about 5 minutes a day, but only works if you do it consistently every day.

So here’s the deal…

To do list Clipboard

Every day before you get started, make a list of the top 4-5 top priority or most important things you need to get completed that day.

Make sure those items ONLY highly leveraged income producing activities.

Things that will build your list, bring in new leads and ultimately sales. Activities like content creation, emailing your list, communicating value to your social media audience to build trust.

It’s critical that you keep your list to those 4-5 highest leveraged activities! Too often your “to-do” list is filled with everything else you want to get done like “mow the lawn”, “Clean the kitchen” or “watch webinar replay”. Be honest, they usually end up being the things you do first, and the income producing activities get left til last, if you’re lucky!

So stick to the 4 or 5 high leverage activities ONLY, and do the other low-level stuff AFTER you’ve sorted the leveraged activities.

Make sure it’s the first thing you do when you sit down to get cracking on your business.

It’ll help you to become the disciplined business owner you have to become in order to create real results.

Apple iWatch and taking note

Oh, and one more important tip…

Just doing this once, or even once a week…won’t cut it. Gotta be daily, people!

To manage it into a habit, start…say 5 days straight, after that step it up to 10 days, then 15 and so on. When you’re doing it 30 days straight you’ll have formed a new habit and you’ll do it automatically, and then, things will really begin to fall into place for you.

You might even prefer to do it the night before!

Please comment below if you found this useful, or share it with someone who might find it valuable! Thanks 🙂



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Click Here To Download My Latest eBook. The Ultimate Online Profit Model

Watch how a 28 year old from London generated over $500,000 in commissions online in less than 6 months!

Shaqir Hussyin has earned over $3,331,804 in commissions (as at August 2016) using the online system featured in this video.

“Shaq” as he’s known to his friends, is no stranger to internet marketing. He knows what it means to work hard, make mistakes and use the power of consistency…all of which has found him on the leaderboards of several online businesses and opportunities.

Shaqir got started when he dropped out of University only a few short years ago.

Since then he has built his brand by being the go to person for Solo Ad Traffic establishing his own Solo Ads traffic agency and building connections in the industry.

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “Your network is your net worth”, and his solid foundation has propelled his business even further, tapping into the 4 key online income models:

  • Selling Services: Consulting, coaching and done for you services (now offered by his growing team)
  • Selling Products: Having his signature line of products, events and done for you traffic
  • Affiliate Marketing: Getting commissions by referring his followers and clients to other people’s products and services
  • Licensing: Leveraging systems created by others to skyrocket his income.

It’s not uncommon for Shaqir to experience $300,000 months, and by far his fastest results have been achieved through licensing the MOBE Marketing system.


In less than 2 years,

Here is what Shaqir had to say in his own words…

A few short years ago I was introduced to internet marketing. I was broke, frustrated, buried in debt, University dropout, a young punk kid really trying to have a better way. I was trying to find a better way for my life, for my future because I really didn’t want to go to school, a college or university, get a degree, get a job and work for someone else for the next 20 years of my life.

At the age of about 20-21, I decided that entrepreneurship is the way. I started looking around online because that’s all I kind of was familiar with and I wanted to get started with a program that would help me serious money online.

I came across this system which you’re about to learn more about with MOBE.

What really attracted me was the ability to make automated, high ticket commissions. You can make $20 savings and $50 savings when you do internet marketing. But to make real money online, the backend money, you need to have a full system from coaches, automated sales funnels and that’s what this system provided not just for myself but tons of students that are joining this system right now.

MOBE is hugely different than any other system that I ever seen online.

To make money online you probably figured out the game by now. You need two things. You need targeted traffic and you need a high converting sales funnel. That’s it. You put those two together and now you can start making real money.

Now, to get targeted traffic there are so many different platforms that you can get targeted traffic from. Second, one is more most people are afraid. They don’t have a high converting sales funnel that gives you squeeze pages, sales videos, sales letters, automated email follow-up, automated webinar follow-up, automated video follow-up, automate phone follow-up, automated events follow-up.

This is the only system in the entire planet because I’ve searched for a very long time. This is the only system that works for the average person and has all of it completely automated.

In the last six months, I have virtually gone from making zero to now generating over $100,000 in commissions consistently per month. I was actually working this out with a friend of mine. It’s actually pretty cool. Why don’t you just image just what $100,000 a month in commissions feels like? It breaks down to just $3,000 per day and around $420 per hour. That’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week, month after month.

Can you imagine making over $400 per hour consistently, reliably, predicatively and you can scale. Which means that not just making consistent amount of money but one month you can make 10K and the next month you can make 30K.

This is what really attracted me and I’m living proof that the system works.

It took me six months to get to $100,000 per month. I’m going to log in live right now. This is something that no internet marketer will do. I know that people who are thinking of buying this system want transparency. They want authenticity. They want to work with someone of high integrity. So, I’m going to log in front of your eyes and show you real live proof of commissions rolling in, money just rolling in from the system.

One of the biggest challenges people face when starting and trying to start an online profitable business is they are usually by themselves. They are alone where their friends and family don’t support them, where they’re being overwhelmed and frustrated and they’re really going for a lot of outdated information.

Why MOBE is so different is because it’s a community. It’s a close-knit group of people that are like-minded, that work together, that are there to help each other succeed. Now, you too can be part of this elite community.

If you always wanted to make more money, replace your income, fire your boss, live a life of total freedom, prosperity where you get to choose how much money you can make, where you get to wake-up every day and decide how much money you want to generate with no income ceiling, with no boss, no living your life on someone else’s terms.

You want to get paid what you deserve. I invite you with open arms to check out this amazing community called MOBE. I’m so excited to be welcoming you as a future-partner. I look forward to seeing you at the next live event.

The Dot Com Lifestyle

The Dot Com Lifestyle

I just checked my Dot Com Lifestyle Platinum Consultants Facebook group and saw a message from my business partner and good mate Matt Lloyd, sharing some brilliant advice that he recently shared with his subscriber list.

In all honesty, it’s advice that you can’t go past, especially if you’re planning to live the Dot Com Lifestyle…thought I’d share it with you too!

Matt Lloyd headshot

From Matt:

I was thinking about what lesson I could share with you in today‘s email, reflecting on what I’ve learned these past few years about making money online, when I was struck by a realization; I’ve been doing this for 8 years. How time flies…

So today, I’m going to go a little bit deeper than usual, and share some advice I wish someone had taught me when starting out.

If you want to do well in this business, here’s what you’re going to need:


Discipline is doing the essential things every day in your business, even when you don’t feel like doing them.

This entire weekend I’m at a hotel close by to where I live, and I’ve been working on (and will continue to work on) an entirely new brand new training program.

This is now the 3rd weekend I’ve done this, and each time I work in 1 hour blocks, for 30 hours over 3 days before I allow myself to go home.

There’s a part of me which wants to take a break and go do something else.  I’d love to go watch a movie instead, or, go to some bar tonight and have a few drinks.

But I’ve committed to getting a certain number of hours of writing done today, and I’m not done yet.  So I push myself to keep typing.

This is how I try to approach my business every day. Normally it’s not this intense, but I still make sure the essential things get done.

If I haven’t emailed my list in awhile and I know it’s been too long since they last heard from me, I’ll force myself to go write the email.

It’s these little things you do on a daily basis that add up over time. Perhaps you currently have a job and you work full time.  You get home late at night, and your tired.

Do you decide to veg out in front of the TV and watch your favorite show, telling yourself you deserve to rest after the long day?

Or, do you sit down in front of your computer and place that extra ad, knowing it could lead to your next big sale and help you quit that job once and for all to pursue your dreams?

In that moment, it might seem like an inconsequential decision to remain in front of the TV. “What’s the big deal?” you might ask yourself, “it’s only one night off.” Yet those nights off soon add up, and turn into months, and then years.

Every time you make the right decision and take the necessary actions to build your business (even when you don’t feel like doing them), you give yourself power. Where you are one year from today, will be the sum total of all those minor decisions you make every day here on out.  Make sure you’re making the right ones. 

Don’t Listen To The Critics

No one ever became successful without having critics along the way.

The only way to guarantee you’ll never have critics, is to accomplish nothing (like many people in life seem happy to do).

You should expect to have people be skeptical of, scoff at, be negative at, laugh at, and even ridicule what you’re now doing.

Pay them no attention.

Think about how many critics the president of the United States of America has (including both candidates now running for office now).

Or how many critics there are of Apple computers, who still insist PCs are better. You should see some of the critics I have online (you probably already have!).  

There are people out there who love to observe from the sidelines of life and criticism the players in life instead of getting in the game themselves.  It’s easier for them that way.

No one ever remembers these people, and they never accomplish anything significant.

What you’re doing right now is taking a stand for your own financial future, and trying something that most never will.

You’ll have people around you say that that internet marketing doesn’t work, it’s a scam, that ‘if it’s so easy, then everyone would be doing it,’ etc.

When I first started my online business I had people laugh at what I was doing, or tell me I was being scammed.

I assure you, they are no longer laughing. Instead of focussing on the critics, ignore them and surround yourself with other people who are on the same path as you.

If you don’t know any other entrepreneurs, then get to seminars and meet them. Spend more time discussing your business with these people then you do discussing it with people who are not on board with what you’re doing. 

Get Out Of ‘Learning’ Mode And Into ‘Implementation’ Mode

Being the founder of an education company, I obviously am a huge advocate of learning.

I believe self education determines what kind of life a person leads more than anything else.

However, I don’t believe knowledge by itself has any value. I only believe applied knowledge has value.

It makes no sense to fill your head with more and more theory if you’re not also taking action along the way.

The best advice I can give you here, is that for every 1 hour you spend learning something, go spend 3 hours actually doing.

Soon, you’ll start learning a lot about generating traffic.

Make sure that along the way you are implementing the strategies you are being taught.  This way the knowledge you gain will sink in at a much deeper level through real life experience, rather than the ‘surface level’ learning you get (and soon forget) when you’re accumulating more theory.

Have Faith That Things Will Work Out

I remember when I started out, and I began to get very impatient with the process.

Especially when people who were newer to the business would get started, who knew much less than I did, yet were still making sales.  

To be honest, that was infuriating. I wondered why it was taking me so much longer  And yes, there were times when I started to doubt myself and whether I’d ever be successful in this business.

There were times when I’d lay in bed at night, staring up at the ceiling unable to sleep, thinking about all the money I’d spent and being frustrated at my lack of results. But no matter what, I always returned to a position of having faith that things would work out.

As long as I didn’t stop taking action, sooner or later I’d figure out what worked.

Even if I had to try 100 things that didn’t work to find the one thing that did, I knew the only way I’d ever fail was through giving up.

When my first $1,000 commission came in late 2009, it may as well have been $100,000.  

It felt so good to know that not only did I have a result, but, I’d found a series of action steps which had led to that sale which I could repeat.

Be A Producer And Not Just A Consumer

Be a producer of content in promoting your business, rather than a consumer of content from others promoting their business

When you’re first starting out in this industry, it’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing.

It’s easy to attend webinar after webinar, watch video after video, read blog post after blog post, and be constantly consuming everyone else’s marketing.

The problem with this is you become overwhelmed with information very quickly, and also begin to feel depressed about how little you’re doing (and how much you seemingly have to do to be like everyone else).

To avoid taking action (which again, seems like so much work) you procrastinate through continuing to look at everyone else’s marketing.

More time passes, and you begin to feel worse. Before you know it, 3 months have passed you by and you still haven’t made sales. 

Don’t let this happen to you.

Each day you must focus first on producing your own marketing, before you give your attention to anyone else’s.

Spend the first hour of your day placing ads and / or creating content that promotes you and your business.

Dot Com Lifestyle: Final Words Of Advice

The opportunity you have in front of you right now is unprecedented.

It’s entirely possible for you one year from now, to have a completely different life.

A life with no debt, and where money is no longer a worry.  A life where you get to choose how much you want to work each day.  A life where traveling to exotic places is something you experience every few months. 

But (and it’s a big but), it’s going to require you learn some new skills, and more importantly, that you consistently and persistently implement them.

It will take time (probably more than you think) and money (again, probably more than think).

The truth is, if I’d have known what was required in the very beginning of starting my first online business, it would have been a lot less appealing.  I would have had second thoughts about it.

All top earners in this industry (and top entrepreneurs in general) will tell you something similar.

But they’ll also tell you that in hindsight, starting their business was the best decision they ever made. 

Make the decision that no matter what, you’re going to make something of yourself as an internet marketer.

There’s only one person on this planet who will hold you back from achieving all of this.

And that’s you.  

Have faith that you can do this, take massive action, and begin immediately.

If you’re looking for a proven system for generating commissions online, try this one.

To date, here’s the results achieved with this system so far:

  • 1 consultant has made over $10 million
  • 6 consultants have made over $1 million (this includes John, who you’ll see in the video on that link)
  • 37 consultants have made over $100,000 
  • 345 consultants have made over $10,000 
  • 1,207 consultants have made over $1,000 
  • 3,567 consultants have made a commission

Real people are getting real results.  It’s time for you to get in the game and join them in the Dot Com Lifestyle system. 

Talk soon, 

Matt Lloyd

Living the Dot Com Lifestyle

Matt refers to the Dot Com Lifestyle proven system for generating commissions online, which is the same system I am a part of along with thousands of other aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world who are finally Malcolm Pollardachieving success online.

It is for you to live the Dot Com Lifestyle. Yes, if I can do it, so can you!

I’m here to help you finally achieve the success you deserve.  There’s a lot of false hope offered out there and it “ticks” me off.

I won’t do that.  Just by you partnering with me today in the Dot Com Lifestyle system, I’ll give you my exact strategies I’m using to generate income online with this system.

I’ll show you everything, including funnels I’m using in my own business.

I want to invite you today to take a look at the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle system today.

One question for you…

If a $49 investment in yourself could potentially change your life, wouldn’t that be worth it to you?

I’m not saying you that you will make a million bucks this year, but I am telling you that this system provides you with have the framework, mentorship and tools to get the kind of results you’ve been searching for and deserve..

The system offers a 30 day money back guarantee so we’ve taken away any risk with the Dot Com Lifestyle system!

Click HERE to learn more now.

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle

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Who is Matt Lloyd?

At age 28, Matt Lloyd sits at the helm of the premier home business company in the online marketing space.

Growing up on a wheat farm in the West Australian outback, he learned the value of hard work at a young age, and was exposed to what went into building a business – and the idea that there were no hand-outs in life. By the time he was in college, he had already started dozens of small businesses – from selling Kangaroo furs, to farming marron (that’s a fish), to mowing lawns, he was willing to try anything!

During those late college years, he came across a home business opportunity on the internet. Knowing nothing about online marketing, he became obsessed with figuring it out… but 9 months later, with over $40,000 invested and having dropped out of college, had still not made a single sale. He kept persisting, and, slowly results started to show up.

In mid-2011, Matt created ‘MOBE’ as the solution to the biggest problems the industry was facing. The company and community has continued to grow ever since. Now an 8-figure / year business with over 60 staff, and over 10,000 active partners, the company puts on live masterminds all around the world for serious entrepreneurs.

The beauty of the masterminds, is not only are they a place to surround yourself with millionaires and extremely successful marketers and business owners, but you get the opportunity to pick their brains and share your own thoughts too!

Matt Lloyd Malcolm Pollard

In this picture, I’m chatting with Matt Lloyd (you’ll have to PM me on Facebook to find out what we spoke about) on our way to a nights entertainment on an exclusive resort on a private island in Fiji.

Matt is a very savvy businessman and also a very down to earth guy, who is an introvert at heart. I’ve seen him grow and master his online marketing skills, and develop his presentation and training ability, that is only obvious in a person who is (dare I say) obsessed with what he does. That shows his character and tenacity, which is great for him, and those who benefit from his education.

Over 370,000 entrepreneurs now subscribe to the MOBE list and have benefited from MOBE’s training and systems.

The bonus for you reading this blog right now, is that you get to “test Drive” Matt’s system, that has generated over $71 million in commissions for people just like you and I, for FREE.

Simply Click here, and you’ll be taken to a 17 minute video that explains exactly how the system works, and how you can get access to all the training AND have a 6 figure earning coach “hold your hand” through the process.

You won’t find another offer this packed with value, and simply this powerful, anywhere on the internet right now.

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Snapchat bought Bitstrips (the makers of Bitmoji) in March 2016, which clearly indicated they were trying to increase their emoji presence. If you had fun using Bitstrips (actually my sister first introduced me to them on Facebook) you’re certainly going to have fun with Bitmoji on Snapchat! It’s now live on Snapchat, which makes for a heap of fun and better personalisation.You can connect your Snapchat and Bitmoji accounts with a few simple steps. Let’s get you up and running…

How it Works

To use Bitmoji inside Snapchat, you’ll need to grab the free Bitmoji app (either IOS or Android) and have the latest version of Snapchat on your phone.

App Store button app-store-buttons_android

1. Open Snapchat settings

Swipe down on your home screen and tap the gear icon in the top right hand corner. Select Bitmoji (if you already have your Bitmoji account).


Snapchat 1Snapchat 2

 2. Agree and Connect

Now you can link your Bitmoji account to your Snapchat by clicking Agree and Connect.



Snapchat 3Snapchat 3.5Snapchat 4

You’ll see the “Yaaasss” image”. Re-open Snapchat.


 3. Start sending Snaps that include your Bitmoji character/Avatar

You’re now good to go. You’ll find your Bitmoji stored in the regular Emoji tab (under the face icon) See picture below. Happy Snapping!

Snapchat 5


If you’d rather follow along on video and watch how to link Snapchat and Bitmoji over my shoulder, click play on this video.



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Farming would have to be one of the, if not the oldest profession on the planet.

I don’t think anyone would disagree it’s completely necessary to life, but it’s possibly one of the worst business models ever. I’ve seen it first hand, growing up near my Uncle’s farm on the East Coast of New Zealand.

In farming, you do all the work and make most, if not all the investment up-front. It can be hundreds of thousands of dollars and you don’t get paid until the end … hopefully. You’re at the mercy of the weather, so if it doesn’t rain when it’s supposed to or stops raining before it’s supposed to, you won’t have a decent harvest. You’re at the mercy of the market, so you can’t name your price, but instead must accept market price for your crop, milk, beef or whatever it is you’re farming..

Despite the drawbacks, there is one aspect of farming that shows good business sense. It’s called crop rotation.

The way crop rotation works is that each season, you plant a different crop in each of your fields. Each kind of crop—corn, cotton, soybeans, etc.—leaches certain nutrients out of the soil. So if you plant the same thing year after year, you eventually deplete the soil of that nutrient. It can be a long time before the soil is suitable again for planting. It’s not a sustainable approach.

Crop rotation prevents soil depletion and has other benefits that conserve the quality of the soil so that it will produce abundant harvests year after year.

This idea of sustainability has been incorporated into MOBE’s commission structure and it’s produced a business model that has enabled thousands of consultants to grow and scale their business and continue earning year after year.

Isn’t This Multi-Level Marketing?

MOBE Creator Matt Lloyd is frequently asked if MOBE is a MLM business.

In multi-level marketing, you bring people into the business under you and they bring people in under them and so on. This creates a “downline” of representatives for that company. Anytime anyone in your downline makes a sale, you earn a commission. Those downlines can get dozens or hundreds of people deep.

MLM is not a bad business model. There is an element of MLM in MOBE but, strictly speaking, MOBE is not a MLM business.

In MOBE, it only goes two levels. First, there’s you. Then, when one of your leads makes a purchase, you earn a commission of between 50 and 90 percent. You also earn considerable commissions on anything else they buy. If they start their own MOBE business and begin marketing MOBE’s products, services, and events, you collect 5 percent of their sales. It’s the same for every customer you make.

This isn’t literally like crop rotation, but there are similarities: Farmers have an incentive to use rotation because it enables them to continue to have big harvests. In the same way, the 5 percent override that MOBE consultants make on their customers’ gross sales is an incentive to build a team of top consultants under them.

Five percent may not seem like much, but if you have ten customers who become super productive consultants, it can really add up to considerable passive income.

So there is a similarity to MLM … in about the same way there’s a similarity to crop rotation.

Final Thought

What makes MOBE’s compensation plan truly different from any other affiliate marketing program is that you don’t just make a commission on a single front-end product, like an e-book, and then the company takes 100 percent of any back-end sales.

With MOBE, you make the biggest back-end commissions of any company in this industry, and the higher-positioned you are, the more and greater commissions you can earn—as much as $10,000 on each customer.[/wr_text][/wr_column][/wr_row]

Limitless by Matt Lloyd – New Bonuses

Have you grabbed your free copy of Matt Lloyd’s new book, Limitless, yet? Matt Lloyd is giving away the first 2,500 copies he’s printed.

Big news out today is that Matt has added some surprise bonuses that you’ll be able to get during this launch.


  • A Free audio version of Limitless you can listen to anywhereMatt Lloyd Limitless
  • The first two chapters in PDF format to read while you’re waiting for delivery of your hard copy
  • The first four training steps of the HTAM method (High Ticket Affiliate Marketing)

Matt has made a video for you which you can watch below to get all the details “from the horses mouth”…so to speak,  on the free bonuses that now come with your free copy of Limitless. It’s a sweet  deal. Don’t muck around though, cause I’ve been told this offer ends on March 10.


If you haven’t taken advantage of this deal yet, then go get your free copy of Limitless. Matt is only asking you to cover the shipping cost of the book to your door ($9.95 if you’re in the US). If you’ve ordered your copy already, nicely done…I have too. Matt confirmed they have been despatched already, so while you’re waiting, these new additional bonuses will be delivered instantly to the email your entered when you purchased.




I was on a webinar recently with the guys from Leadpages where they shared a stack of great tips about creating high converting lead pages. One of them that stood out to me because it was so simple…was getting leads from your 404 page. Let me explain.

Can you get leads from a 404 page?

The 404 error page, or “Not Found” error message, is a response code that basically means the server could not find the page you were looking for on that site. The web site hosting server will typically generate a “404 Not Found” web page when someone tries to follow a broken or dead link…so a 404 error is probably one of the most common errors you’ll come across.

Google might show you a message something like this. 404 page

If you have a WordPress blog, it will generate its own 404 page when a visitor requests a page that’s not there. Thing is, a real person is eyeballing your page looking for the info he or she was after. Often there’s no way to get back to the site they were on, and as a result, they leave.

If you google 404 pages images you’ll find heaps of 404 pages that have been created to replace the standard WordPress page, but interestingly, while lots of them are very creative, even funny, they’re not taking advantage of the fact your reader could potentially become a lead for your business, by offering them something so they don’t leave empty handed.

How To Get Leads From A 404 Page

Creating a custom 404 page used to require heaps of coding skills, and if you’re anything like me, I have no idea where to start there. However, thanks to LeadPages, you can now create a custom lead capturing 404 page. I’ll briefly run you through how it’s done. Start by choosing the 404 template (or any template you choose actually) from the LeadPages template library (looks like this).

404 page

Now it’s just a matter of simply modifying it to our needs. I changed the wording of the 404 message, added a picture from my website, and an image of the eBook I’m giving away.

404 page

LeadPages will integrate with all major email autoresponder services like AWeber. LeadPages can also handle the eBook delivery for me with their Lead Magnet service.

Once someone subscribes to my list, the eBook is automatically delivered to the email address! That makes things really simple! The final step is to log into my WordPress blog, and select the LeadPages WP plugin. Then choose the new page I just created and select it as the 404 page. (see picture below)

404 page

That’s pretty much it. So now when someone enters a wrong URL, or follows a dead link, they will see my custom 404 page offering them my free eBook instead of the standard WordPress 404 page.

How To Overcome The Feeling Of ‘Hopelessness’ In Your Online Business

Have you been working in your online business for a while now, but you’re just not seeing the results you’d like to, or worse still, seeing the guys you started with, doing so much better than you (not that it’s healthy to compare yourself to anyone else).

Perhaps you’re starting to feel discouraged and helpless, because you’re spending every waking hour trying to figure this internet marketing thing out, but the results aren’t happening in your online business. You might even be stressing about the money you’ve spent to no avail, or frustrated that others seem to be able to get results, and even though you know you’re no “dummy”, things just aren’t clicking.

Firstly, let me say, if you’re still hanging in there because “you know” in your heart of hearts you can make this work…well done! So many give up when the going gets tough. Truth is, pretty much every time, it’s not the “system” you are using (which usually gets the blame), but what you’re doing, and the actions you’re taking, that could be what’s preventing you from getting the results and the real success you’re after.

In this video Matt explains how to identify the actions you’re currently taking that produce nothing, and replacing them with actions which result in real sales in your online business.

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It’s SO MUCH easier when you have a great coach to help you…(and I confess I’ve tried doing the “lone wolf” thing…it just doesn’t work in this business) Someone who’s ‘been there, done that.’ A 6 figure earner at that!

Matt Lloyd’s 21 step program is all about giving you that coach. One on one to hold your hand through the entire process, and FINALLY get you on the road to the success you’ve desired since you got started in this whole Internet Marketing arena.

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