Warning to everyone doing business on the internet!

May 5, 2012

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information theftYesterday, Matt Lloyd had 15k stolen from one of his online accounts. (Alertpay)

Yes, you read that correctly – 15 grand.

He was the victim of a phishing scheme – a very convincing one.

And let me tell you… there are few things in this world that will
sicken you more, than watching live as someone robs you of
that kind money (He literally saw the emails come in on his iphone,
as they stole 60 dollars, then 276, and then the 15,000 within a
4 minute window).

He made this 5 minute video for you – where you’ll hear him
explain how it all happened, and how you can make sure it never
happens to you:


(by the way- you’ll see the email of the scammer who tried to
rob him in that video- feel free to send some abuse his way!)

I hope it’s useful info that you might want to pass onto others  🙂

Matt Lloyd also just let me know that Daegan Smith will be presenting at his Online Income Revolution Live event in San Diego on May 25, 26 and 27 2012.


If you come, what you learn from him alone will be worth 5 times
the price of admission.

He still have some of the 50 seats left, grab yours at the link below.





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