The secret to how this 25 y/old did 2 mill in the last 12 months…

December 30, 2012


Matt’s Lloyd’s secret

Just got this from Matt Lloyd.  It’s all about the ‘psychology’ behind how he runs his business – and, I thought it might be useful to you.

It’s amazing what can happen in the span of 1 year…


“When I’m an old man, reflecting back on my life while sitting in my rocking chair, I’ll think of 2012 as the year everything changed in my business. 2011 was about 90k.

2012, was more like 2 million. The growth of MOBE has surpassed even my expectations.

Want to know the secret?

In 2012, I focused on this question,

“How can I help my MOBE License Rights partners make as much money as possible?”
great Leaders show you how
I did things that other internet marketers thought were crazy. Like offering people 90% co-missions on the front end, and literally losing money every time one of those sales were made. But I was ok with that: I knew we could make it up on the back end. The strategy has paid off. The funny thing is, I can remember this time of last year, very, very well. Almost like it was yesterday.

It was those days between Xmas and New Years… when most of the world is in a ‘festive mood’ and work is the last thing on anyone’s minds. I made a decision, that I would work all the way through. I’d set myself up so that come January 1st, 2012, I’d be ready to go, like a bull coming out of those gates in a rodeo, while everyone else was getting over their hangovers.

January 2012 was a new record month… 81K.  That really opened my mind to what was possible. Since then, my obsession has been on beating records.

Beating my previous best month… And competing against no one else but myself.

There’s a big lesson in that for you:  if you want fast growth in your business… you need to obsess over increasing sales.  It must become your predominant thought.

Don’t listen to the popular advice that goes like “just focus on doing what you love, and don’t worry about the money; it will come all by itself.”

It’s BS.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with being sales driven. YES, you do want to help people.

If you’re not delivering real value… they won’t come back for more, and you’ll always be chasing new customers, instead of doing more business with your existing ones. But that does not mean you can’t pursure a profit in the process.

You can do both, and feel very good about it. 2013 can be the year everything changes for you. Forget about waiting till January 1st and doing the whole ‘new years resolution’ thing. Make a decision right now, TODAY, that 2013 is the year you will absolutely crush it.

You’ll make everyone around you sit up and pay attention.

My secret goal for 2013?

In 2013, the MOBE License Rights Program will become the number one ‘make-money-system’ on the internet.

More success stories will come from this program, than any other. Together, we will make 2012 look small. We’ll do 20 mill in revenue, with most of that going to partners like you. Are you with me on this?


Then see what others who are also having success with MOBE are saying here, become a MOBE Licensee right now, and join our team. 


You can enroll here:


(if you want to hear me explain how the MOBE License Program came to be, this video from a seminar I spoke at does a good job:


Once you are in… message me directly on Facebook, and let me know who you are:

I’ll then add you to our private Mastermind group, just for Licensee’s, where share tips for getting more sales. I look forward to working with you… ”


Matt is a leader, and working with him, (just this month) I have a pending balance in my affiliate back office of $5172.46.

MOBE Dec backoffice

I’m already having success with this, and I can help you to do the same.

Click here to join the team that will take you on your journey to success in 2013!

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