Futuristic Marketing Test – Just gone live!

July 16, 2012


The Futuristic Marketing Test in 3 minutes flat

…actually it was less! and WOW!! What an eye-opener!

Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson are at their most creative here and it shows…what with the animated videos, and have nailed the questions that allow you to compare yourself with other marketers and figure out where you currently are, then provide and awesome FREE video to break down your results, and steer you in the direction to future results.

I’ll share my results with you shortly, but you know when you come across something that you’ve been hunting for, for a long time, then BAM, it almost hits you between the eyes?

That’s pretty much the feeling I had when I took this Futuristic Marketing test…Jonathan and Mark know their stuff…that goes without saying, but when it feels like they’re talking specifically to you… that’s when you get really excited about the future!! Yeah sure, they’re being very creative about how they craft the lead up to their offer, but if you’re a marketer, you’ll be quick to realise you can learn so much from the ‘master craftsmen’ and model their ideas, especially in an amazing launch sequence like this.


If you’ve already heard about this Futuristic Marketing Test and you want to know how much money you’re likely able to earn as a marketer right now…and you can’t even wait to see my results…I forgive you! I’d highly recommend you spend the3 minutes taking this test right now.  Oh, you can
also win iPads & some other really cool prizes!


The Futuristic Marketing test first few questions…

If you follow Mark Hoverson, you’ll be familiar with his little tablet that he scribbles all over his screen with, and his trademark appears without fail, in the free coaching video training that he and Jonathan go through as soon as you have your instant results delivered.

These guys really know how to add value!

My Futuristic Marketing Test results…

You’ll get your Futuristic Marketing Test results instantly, and a detailed breakdown that seriously hits then nail on the head when it comes to describing where you are in you online marketing journey! They’ll rate your Conversions, Mindset, and  Traffic skills and give you an overall score from Beginner, to Expert.


            Take the test right now if you’re super keen!


Johnathan suggests …”Now, if you haven’t done so already I recommend you watch video 1 of the series here, and get a FULL anaylsis and description of what your assessment means. Basically, this is a financial forecast of how much money you’re going to be able to earn in your business, and unless you get this score higher, your income will FLATLINE.” then proceed to give you a quick breakdown of how you scored…

This Futuristic Marketing Test is very creative, but also shockingly accurate! It’s like they can read your mind!

The test is free, and so is the training…seriously I’d pay for this top quality content!


Try it yourself, and grab your immediate results.



P.S. When Futuristic Marketing goes on sale on July 25, don’t just go and buy it (cause I reckon you’ll be itching too by then), make sure you look around for some phenomenal Bonus Offers…but quite honestly, I doubt you’ll find anything as good as what our team is offering you RIGHT HERE! Let’s just say we’re offering over $16,000 in bonuses…yeah  you read that correctly…

If you’ve read this far, you WILL thank yourself a million times over for clicking here just to take a look at the incredible bonus list I’m offering when Futuristic Marketing goes on sale on July 25th. Make sure, once you click through, bookmark this link so you remember where to come back to on Wednesday July 25!


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