How to avoid being one of the 97% who fail online.

May 6, 2012


97% failMatt Lloyd just shot me this…

In late 2009 while still at university, I decided to move out of my parents house, and into a shared rental house, with 3 other students.

One of those guys, was my sole employee for my online business at the time- and
friend – who used to do all my tech work. After several months, it got to a stage where I couldn’t afford to pay him.  But he still would help me out of friendship.

As much as I tried to stay positive… there were times when I’d get seriously depressed
about internet marketing, and doubt whether it was all worth it.

Mainly because I wasn’t getting anywhere- and it had been over a year, working full
time, every single day.

If you asked me to describe it… I kinda felt like I was in a mental prison, and no matter
what I did, I couldn’t get out of it.

I’m guessing – no – I can almost guarantee you’ve been through something similar.

You’ve been at a point where nothing really seems to be working.

And no matter how many products you buy… no matter how many gurus you listen to…
sooner or later, time catches up with you.

Those well meaning – but annoying – family members who told you “that online
business stuff is a waste of time” now have a lot more evidence behind their point of
view, then you do behind yours.

So how do most of us respond to this?

We go out and try to learn MORE tactics!

Big mistake.

It’s not the tactics that keep us stuck.  It’s our head trash.  It’s the way we keep on doing
things, which get reinforced each time, and become habits that are extremely difficult to

With experience behind me, and the thousands of people I’ve worked with, I can see these

They are obvious.

And I can also see there’s 9 main principles behind how successful marketers run their
life and business… that the majority just do NOT get.

So in a few days, I’m going to host a free workshop, where you and I will get on as webinar,
and I’ll tell you about these 9 principles, and how to apply them:

We’ll start 9pm EST, and it’s this Thursday.

Hope to see you there.

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